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Posted by on November 12th, 2009

Charter Properties at 2300 Bridgeway in Sausalito by DA Levy.
Above and Below:
Triple Investment Offices
2300 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California
Photographer, D.A. Levy
November 2009

We’re curious about a firm named Triple Investments, 2300 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965. Triple Investments was mentioned in conjunction with a Marin County foreclosure in the Marin Independent Journal on November 7, 2009 and they seem to have a couple of others on the books.

Principals are purportedly Scott Dixon, John Lundy and Joe Giraudo (with Georgina Giraudo listed to receive services) and Peter Kerman.

The only person licensed as a broker or realtor as of 11/12/2009, per State of California DRE, is Joseph John Giraudo who was doing business as Charter Properties active from 11/15/1971 to 07/01/1985 (noted as cancelled); no current DBAs, no current branches, no current affiliated corporations, one salesperson. The company has no website and no short sale listings (per the woman who answered the phone).

As of October 29, 2009, Joe Giraudo is listed as a member of the San Francisco Association of Realtors at Giraudo Realty, 2300 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965. 415.339.2222, along with Mark Jason Giraudo (as a salesperson out of Tiburon, License 01182248 expired 12/29/07); both are noted as part of Giraudo Realty in Sausalito. We did not find any indication of Giraudo Realty with the California Department of Real Estate.

2300BridgewayPapersIf you have worked with them . . . or if they purchased/sold your house through foreclosure, please leave a message here and if you would like to remain confidential, please indicate so; messages are not automatically posted. They need to be approved and will not be posted if you want to remain behind the scenes.

We are merely curious. I’m fascinated by the paths of foreclosures and am following a few to see who said what to whom and, of course, to see who actually holds the note, does that really make a difference (and one hopes that it does), AND to see “who wins.”

What seems to be happening in general is that some banks are suggesting that a client intentionally defaults before they will consider modification. Once that happens, they refuse to negotiate and sell the house out from under the client they instructed to default in the first place.

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14 Responses to “triple investments, sausalito”

  1. Manny Fernandez Says:

    How are you doing? Nice article.

  2. Celena Steinhauser Says:

    Yo, foreclosures ain’t all that fun but are fun to invest in. I just wish they would do something about the current economy.

  3. Faces Of Foreclosure» Blog Archive » you read it here first, maybe . . . Says:

    [...] We started wondering about Triple Investments, Charter Capital, et al in November 2009, and posted our first blog on November 12, 2009. [...]

  4. Scott Says:

    They (Triple Investments, Charter Properties, Lecale Invesments) are being investigated by the FBI as their practices are in violation of federal law since they are rigging bids. Mr. Giraudo is the individual under investigation and the DRE is looking at revoking his license. They are scum bags and hope Giraudo get a nice prison sentence!!

  5. Foreclosure Auction Investors | Occupy the Auctions / Evictions Says:

    [...] auction on May 3, 2012, despite auction protest. Possibly the Joseph Giraudo affiliated with Triple Investments and Charter Properties, likely married to Beverly Giraudo and living at 2300 Bridgeway, Sausalito, [...]

  6. Looking for Justice Says:

    My parents are being swindled out of their property by Charter Properties, LLC. Whoever the FBI was looking for, now all they need to do is ask the person in the office — Karen Griggi. I would bet she knows.

  7. M. M. Says:

    I have seen how aggresive during auctions The Joe family is in Marin County! They changed the business name (they restructured the business profundly since being investigated), but still do the same thing.

    Once they get property they kick out previous owners, use cheap unlicensed workers to finish the job, and put on market for more than 50% profit!

    Joe is at courtsteps every day grabbing whatever he wants. it seems this market is dominated by him. Ask me more.

  8. Foreclosure Property Investors | Occupy the Auctions / Evictions Says:

    [...] family name as Joseph Giraudo. Georgine J Dixon is also an active officer in Joseph Giraudo’s Triple Investments LP. [...]

  9. Rod D. Says:

    Despite the big FBI raid, I don’t believe anything has happened, and Triple Investments is still in business. Robert & Karen Griggi were the front buyers when I lost my Tiburon home. Title to the property has changed numerous times amongst themselves.

    I happened to be sitting in on a court hearing, and found Robert Griggi doing an eviction to a 70 something year old lady. She was widowed and had raised 4 kids in the house a 4bd/4ba 3800sq ft on a 11/3 acre Spanish Trail Tiburon home, and lost it to Griggi for $1,164,155 She was seeking more than 30 days eviction time. Mr. Griggi sat in court very disgusted, and ultimately agreed to 45 days.

    Title has since passed from the Griggi’s to Optimal Investments, and on to Triple Investments. I think we should all think about putting more pressure on the FBI, if for nothing else, an update.

    Thanks for this update. I agree with you; it seems Triple Investments is still manipulating sales and nothing has changed in the M.O. except, perhaps, they have managed to dodge even further under the FBI’s radar.

  10. SF Says:

    Thanks for keeping this thread going. Joseph Giraudo is working with several other “investors” in SF as well. More specifically, Joel Wardlaw. Joseph Giraudo was the main investor who bought the foreclosed home that we currently rent. The house had substantial debt against it, yet when it came time to auction the house, the first price called out was 200k less than the debt. Joel and Joseph bid 1 penny over the auction price and the house was sold in less than 20 seconds. No one stepped up to bid against them. There’s much more to this story – it’s still on-going.

    It’s important to note that since the purchase of our home at auction, Joel and the above investors have purchased almost 2-3 homes a month for the last 4 months. How is this not on the FBI’s radar?

  11. Karma Says:

    My parent’s home was also stolen by the Griggi’s (aka the Greedy’s), Joel Wardlaw and Giraudo. We did file a police report and WILL follow through. What they are doing is wrong. Does anyone have any updates/news on the FBI investigation? The investigator we spoke with was extremely interested in and invested in this case so I’m wondering what their next move will be(?)

    Editor’s note: We do not have an update on this. I’ll check and get back to you.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if they are tied in to Valentino Sepideh who I believe is currently surviving time for mortgage fraud. Sepideh owned a couple of higher end props in Tiburon — one of which was on Del Mar in Tiburon. Legacy Investments LLC purchased it on the court house steps in Dec 2012 it seems, and now they have flipped it and have it in contingency for a tidy $500-600k above what they paid.

  13. Richard Margulis, Metro General Construction Says:

    I would like to talk about finding good value on Marin county home to buy fix and sell.

    Richard Margulis

    Metro General Construction

    license 982848

    415-412-9680 cel, 415-883-3189 office

    Editor’s Note: I’m not sure that there IS a “good value” in any Marin County home. For buying, fixing and flipping homes, try the East Bay (be sure to carefully check out the neighborhood), or homes outside of the immediate Bay Area. We haven’t seen a “good value” in Marin in years, even with the real estate pricing crunch.

  14. Anonymous2 Says:

    Say folks….anyone dealing with guys come across a painter by the name of Sabri Zidan of Zidan Painting? He works out of Marin and SF counties mostly. I need to find out whether or not he is tied into possibly criminal behavior along with this crowd.

    Please advise if you have heard of him as he may have been hired to do some of the fixing up of these homes throughout the years.


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